Oh. My.

They came today. A full day earlier than expected.

I revisited Secretary. I spent the majority of the day finishing Your jodhpurs and was horny as hell. I really didn’t need any more of that type of stimulus. I don’t know what it is with me that when I’m feeling lusty and know that I should distract myself, I tend to feed into it instead. I did not have time to finish the film before family life intervened. This is probably for the best. There are only so many times a day a girl can change her sodden undergarments before it becomes weird. I was right on that line.

I saw much of myself in Lee. One thing did not jive, and would have triggered me if I hadn’t been so randy, Lee was salivating over marks caused by punitive action. This brought up for me the times I have had marks resulting from the same. As desirous as I am of having Your marks on my body from play, having punitive marks is the polar opposite. If I could scrub them off I would. If they are married with marks from play I avoid looking at all of them. They taint the happy memories that I usually associate with marks. They are flat out shameful. I do not understand how Lee could provoke more of this. Frankly, she pissed me off, but then, I don’t hold much truck with attention seeking brats to begin with.

All that aside, I’m glad I finished Your garment. It is carefully folded and sequestered in my closet. Safe from being pressed against my face and inhaled deeply … well … safer. I almost hope the tailoring isn’t correct so that I’ll get to keep them again. Almost. I’m quite pleased with how they turned out. It would be sad to have to tear them apart again, however, I’m nearly expecting that to happen since I did not have Your body to size them during my work.

Today I am grateful for: fresh laundry
Today’s funny moment: Thinking “No good can come from watching this. Why am I torturing myself?” and needing to watch it anyway.
Sad moment: n/a
Protocol: n/a
Water: 4 liters +12 ounces
Corset: 24.5 am, 24 pm
Hood: 1 hour


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