Potion #9

Thank you for calling me today. I have been extremely concerned about You. Hearing You improve over the course of Our call helped a bit.

Thank you for deciding to come up this weekend. I was pretty sure You weren’t going to. I had visions of You sitting at home being lonely. I would much rather have You here so I can take care of You and contribute to Your emotional well-being.

I have made it clear to the family that while You are here I will only be home to sleep. I am at Your disposal.

On a completely unrelated note: Even if the potion ever wore off … and I consider that extremely unlikely … You are my best friend for reasons having nothing to do with moistness. I enjoyed Your company long before the nether region ever got involved. If you could not hold my interest outside of romping, I would not be with You. ‘Nuff said.

Today I am grateful for: reconnecting
Today’s funny moment: n/a
Sad moment: Hurting for You and wanting to fix what I cannot
Protocol: I read an interesting bit on how to receive service in K&P. I left crumbs if You want to check it out
Water: 4 liters +6 ounces
Corset: n/a
Hood: 45 minutes


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