The Manual

Tonight, a journal prompt courtesy of google:

If you came with an instruction manual what would be in it?

This human is capable of eating only small amounts at a time, therefore frequent feeding is required. Approximately every four hours is to be expected. Please note: If this human is engaged in a creative or mentally taxing activity, this human will be unaware of hunger and will need to be prompted to eat. Failure to follow this direction will cause this human to be grouchy and irrational.

This human requires a minimum of 3:1 ratio of positive to negative comments. The negative is stored while the positive is held briefly and released. A negative build-up is highly undesirable.

Physical contact is vital to this human. Hand holding, hugs without reason, general snuggling, and casual touch are all necessary.

This human feels things all things deeply. The emotions of those this human has bonded with affect her as if their emotions were contagious, often supplanting her own; positive or negative.

This human requires a minimum of five hours of uninterrupted sleep to function optimally. This requirement increases exponentially in times of stress or illness. Failure to adhere to this requirement results in increased lack of memory function, cloudy thought processes, significant lack of productivity, and, in severe cases, unpredictable bouts of crying.

This human prefers being hooded, bound, encased, and/or restrained for long periods of time. Flogging, spanking, kissing, biting and the occasional buggy whipping are also highly desirable.

Today I am grateful for: unexpected pampering
Today’s funny moment: “He drank from Leonard’s glass … words they’ll be carving into my tombstone.”
Sad moment: n/a
Protocol: n/a
Water: 4 liters
Corset: 24″ am, 24″ pm
Hood: n/a (As of this writing I have not worn a hood today. I plan on sleeping in it for some time tonight.)


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