I’m out of sorts. I’m agitated. I’m in a funk. I’m grouchy. I have no reason for being all of these things. I woke up this way. I tried everything I know how to do to change it and still it persists.

I’m supposed to have an appointment tomorrow morning. Perhaps she will be busy. I will then be forced to reschedule. I could go back to bed and brood in solitude. That wouldn’t suck. At all. With the full moon tonight, I can hope.

This week, I have an appointment to donate blood. It’s been about a year since I last gave. I will be doing extra hydration to ward off the usual skull crushing post-donation headache.

Today I am grateful for: the ability to bite my tongue repeatedly and with great force
Today’s funny moment: n/a
Sad moment: being pissy all day for no apparent reason
Protocol: n/a
Water: 4 liters
Corset: 24″ am, 23.5″ pm
Hood: n/a


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