TMI Tuesday: Would You Rather ….?


Always expound on your answers, tell us why you made your choice.

1. During sex, would you rather be blindfolded or blindfold your lover?
Blindfolded, bound, immobilized …. that’s my bag, Baby.

2. Would you rather watch your sibling having sex or have the sibling watch you have sex?
Ok Eww …. seriously .. just …ech

3. Would you rather be arrested (not jailed) for soliciting a prostitute or jailed for one month for civil disobedience.
I’ll take the arrest. I’m among the odd few that see nothing wrong with prostitution. If it were legal it could be safely regulated.

4. Would you rather give/receive blowjob on a crowded subway car or have sex on a picnic table at a family reunion?
The picnic table before everyone arrives.

5. Would you rather do a strip-tease for your pastor/priest/rabbi/religious leader or for your co-workers?

Bonus: Would you rather have endless amounts of money or the endless love of your significant other? Why?
Endless love. Money can do lots of things. It cannot cure loneliness.

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