Red handed

Prompt: Name a time when you broke a rule or law. Did you get caught, or did you get away with it?

When I was in high school I had my first brush with cray-cray, though at the time I didn’t realize it. In my junior year I became close with a girl whom we’ll call Carrie. She was an artsy type. The thing I remember most about her was that she used to write on her jeans: Words, trees branches, hearts pierced and dripping with blood. That and the fact that if I said I liked a boy she immediately set about having him for herself … but that’s a story for another time.

Carrie was troubled and a bad influence. I should not have been allowed to be friends with her. My parents weren’t attentive to how I lived my life at that age or with whom I surrounded myself. They met Carrie. They asked where she lived. When they heard her address, an exclusive community on the shore, they also heard “money” and assumed she was of quality and a good person.

Carrie often skipped school. She invited me to go with her once. I don’t remember everything we did. I do remember we went to a state park and went for a long walk. We talked about everything that day. It was so much fun that we tried it again the next day. And that was how I got caught.

I didn’t miss school. If I was ill I was made to go anyway because both of my parents had to work. I did not know that when a student was absent the parent was supposed to call the school. I didn’t know that if the parent didn’t call the school, that the school called the parent.

My mother grilled me about where I had been. I made something up. She then informed me that she had also checked Carrie’s attendance records for the days I had been out. My mother knew Carrie and I had been hanging out. I was lectured for what felt like hours. I had to write an essay on truth and honesty with an assigned number of words that I no longer remember. I do remember that I was short on the count. My mother waited until I had fallen asleep that night. She got me out of bed and made me rewrite the essay. There was some sort of threat that went with the rewriting if it should be short again, though I don’t recall what it was.

My mother did not forbid my friendship with Carrie. I was grounded for a week or two. Aside from that no restrictions were placed on the friendship. It wasn’t more than a month of two after the incident that Carrie ingested a large amount of pills and was admitted to the psych ward for her troubles. Not long after that, her parents shipped her off to an all girls boarding school.

Today I am grateful for: self control
Today’s funny moment: Control your women! I am a man of science, not someone’s snuggle bunny.
Sad moment: n/a
Protocol: n/a
Water: 4 liters, 12 ounces
Corset: 24″ am, 23″ pm
Hood: Tonight I’m going to do a trial run of white noise with the newest hood. I need it.


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