TMI Tuesday: Feeling the Festivus Vibe.

What do vibrators and Festivus have in common?
They are both the subject of this week’s TMI Tuesday.

1. If there is one saying you would put on a tee-shirt what is it?
Do not handicap your children by making their lives easy. ~ Heinlein

2. If you were a vibrator, what speed would you be?
I would be maximum speed. A vibrator on low or medium never did anyone any favors. Medium and Low serve only to annoy and frustrate.

3. If you were a vibrator, which description best fits you:
a. small but mighty
b. passion prober, gentle, easy, eventually gets you there
c. big, rugged, pulsating
d. jumping gyrator, feel it everywhere, you may go numb
Apparently I’m a dual speed vibe. I vacillate between A and B.

4. You must give up a sex/kink act for the rest of your life. Which one of these will you give up? Was your decision hard or easy and why?
You will give up:
a. Giving oral sex
b. Spanking – giving or receiving
c. Receiving oral pleasure on your genitals
d. Receiving nipple play: nipples sucked/lick/kissed/fondled, etc.
e. French kissing aka soul kiss
No contest. I would give up A.

5. In 10 words or less tell us about your most recent sexual encounter.
Pain and pleasure perfectly balanced.

Bonus: ‘Tis the season of Festivus, it is only 7 days away. The best Festivus tradition is to “Air your grievances.” We don’t have time to hear all of your grievances so tell us your #1 grievance. (Don’t know about Festivus? click here to learn more)
Yes, I keep the house clean. This does not make me the maid. Put your dirty underwear in the hamper and for Festivus sake, wipe the fucking counter after you make a snack! (And, no, wiping the crumbs onto the floor is NOT the same thing!)

See who else is playing here.


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