Ten Best

Prompt: Sing your own praises for a change; brainstorm your 10 best qualities, attributes and quirks.

1. I am a good human being.
2. I raise my child with love, manners, and the intent that he become a productive member of society.
3. I am the rock everyone in my family leans on.
4. If I give my word, I keep it.
5. When I appreciate people in my life, I tell them.
6. I am creative.
7. I have exceptional will power.
8. I am able to help people believe in themselves.
9. I aspire to excel.
10. I love unabashedly, with my entire body, and without fear.

Today I am grateful for: Art
Today’s funny moment: “Mom, you need to know the winter carnival is a requirement.” Was I born yesterday? Apparently he thinks so. I had to laugh.
Sad moment: LM – Master Manipulator & Liar Extraordinaire
Protocol: n/a
Water: 4 liters
Corset: 24″ am, 24″ pm
Hood: 2 hours


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