Things that go bump

My dearest Master, I love You fiercely. I love You with a severity that borders on madness. This is not a love that exists solely when everyone is happy and life is grand. This is not a love that exists when You are near and dissipates when we are apart. This is a forever love. This is a love that is burned into my heart as permanently as if it were thrice branded.

I have said unless and until. I have said those words and I don’t believe they will ever apply. You will not harm me nor will You put me in a position to be harmed. I do not and cannot have any doubt. You know and understand the depth of trust I have in You. You will not break that trust. It is not who You are. It is not who We are together.

This is but a bump in the road. This is one of those things that seems huge when tripped over … and, once balance is restored … when looked back on … can barely be seen. I stand with You. I stand for You. My face into the wind, strong beside You. Yours. This is who I am.

I do not believe that I am alone. I believe You have someone standing at Your other side just as stalwart, just as committed to You. Because of the amazing man You are. Because You deserve to be whole. Because You deserve to be happy. Because We both love You. This is who We are together. All of Us.

Today I am grateful for: Another shenanigan free day
Today’s funny moment: “You’ve embroidered my name on an over-sized piece of hosiery.”
Sad moment: being offered an “opt out”
Protocol: n/a
Water: 4 liters
Corset: 24″ am, 23.5″ pm
Hood: 3 hours


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