TMI Tuesday: The TMI Dungeon

You are headed out for a night of kinky exploration in the TMI dungeon… Which are you most likely to do:

1. At the Cock ‘n’ Ball torture (cbt) station, are you more likely to be a sadist doing the ball busting & twisting or are you more likely to have your balls beaten?
Since I don’t have balls to be beaten and I would never bust, twist or otherwise torture the most favored portion of the male anatomy. I would discreetly observe out of the corner of my eye while walking past and reminding myself that it’s consensual.

2. The TMI dungeon has a “bedroom” with a window to the world where anyone in the dungeon can watch you having sex. Which will you be, the voyeur watching people have sex or the exhibitionist in the bed getting it on hot ‘n’ heavy?
I abstain.

3. You need a stereotypical outfit to wear to the dungeon. Which will you wear?
Top:  Spiked collar or leather chest harness?
Bottom:  Ass-less chaps or leather thong
Speaking as a bottom “or”? Why is this not “and/or”? A thong and chaps (which are by definition “ass-less”) work quite well together. In any case, I will say either or both.

4. Time for some impact play. Which would you prefer? Why?
Pick one from each set.
Set 1:  flogger or whip?
Set 2:  paddle or bare-handed spanking?
Set 3:  cane or crop?
Set 1: Flogger (though that was a tough call)
Set 2: Spanking
Set 3: Crop

5. Bondage. You have the choice of being restrained and mercilessly ‘used’ by a fucking machine (pic1, pic2) while others watch or being strapped to St. Andrews cross and touched, groped, tickled, and made to tingle by strangers visiting the dungeon on this evening. What’s your pleasure? Why?
I abstain

Bonus: At work, whom do you most resemble?
a. Dominant/Mistress/Top
b. Submissive/bottom
c. A switch
d. naughty boy/girl aka brat

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Questions asked

  • Does frequently being mistaken for a D-type mean an s-type is a failure?
  • Does being outspoken make one less of an s-type?
  • What percentage of the community feel that s-types should be allowed to express an opinion?
  • If s-types are supposed to be seen and not heard, then who will run submissive discussion groups? Should there even be submissive discussion groups?
  • If a group of s-types need direction during an activity and one of them speaks up to provide direction, does that make the one speaking up a D-type?
  • Are s-types permitted self confidence?
  • Must an s-type always walk with eyes down cast and rounded shoulders as if being an s-type is something to be ashamed of?
  • Should self confident s-types stifle who they are lest they be seen as not submissive?
  • Is it the responsibility of the s-type to maintain a confused, uneducated, please tell me what I want, please tell me my opinion persona?
  • Are s-types allowed to be angry/frustrated, experience self doubt or any other negative emotion? If these *are* permitted, must they remain internal or are they allowed a voice?
  • If an s-type has an answer to an asked question, should they pretend they do not?
  • Does providing answers make them a D-type?
  • If a D-type is consistently unhappy regardless of the efforts of their s-type, and given that the D-type’s happiness is paramount, does remaining in that relationship make the s-type selfish?
  • If an s-type is not “submissive enough” is there a place for them within the community or are they simply taking up space better filled by the meek?
  • Who decides what “submissive enough” looks like?
  • Is there a place for the respectfully assertive s-type?
  • Do respectfully assertive s-types make their D-types appear less-than?
  • Are assertive s-types offensive to the general community, regardless of the level of respect shown by the s-type?
  • What is it to “act like a submissive”? Who decides this?
  • Are those who identify as alpha s-types fooling themselves? Are they really D-types in disguise?
  • Is a self confident s-type an asset or a deficit to their D-type? – to their community?



TMI Tuesday: Preferences


1. Which is better to jump in: a leaf pile or a puddle?
Leaves, all day long. They smell good and bring back memories of the care-free days of childhood.

2. Pictionary or Taboo?

3. Potato chips or pretzels?
Ohdeargod. I’ll take a case of potato chips please. Sour cream and onion ruffles, being the favorite – Lays lightly salted being a close second.

4. Gatorade or water?
Gatorade. What ever that original green flavor was back in the day when it was the only flavor they made.

5. Popcorn or Nachos?
Nachos at home, popcorn at the movies.

6. Fruit Loops or Captain Crunch?
I prefer Cap’n Crunch (either the Crunch Berry or Peanut butter variety), but it does horrid awful things to my gums. Seriously, it’s like gnawing on a cheese grater. I always regret having eaten a bowl of this particular brand of deliciousness.

7. Cheerios or Grape Nuts?
Grape Nuts. With milk, warmed in the microwave until soft.

8. Hummer or Range Rover?
Jeez-a-loo but they’re both so freakin’ huge! Ech … ok if I have to pick one I’ll take the range rover … will it come with its own gas card for life?

9. Rain or Snow? Why?
Snow. Because I cannot stand being wet.

10. Wrench or screw driver?  Torqued and turned or screwed and fastened together?
Screw driver. Who doesn’t like a good screw now and then?

Bonus: If you had to eat one condiment as a food, which condiment would you choose? Why?
Mayonnaise because yum.


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Fun fact #136

Training makes my horny. I had forgotten. I have felt bad for so long I nearly forgot I had lady bits. I trained today and it was as if my body said “Oh! That’s right! There they are! I remember those. Thanks for reminding me. Now that they’re awake let’s do something. What? What do you mean we can’t? Well … fine then. You do what you want but they’re here and I’m gonna make sure you don’t forget that for a very long time.”

Yup. Sounds about right. Oddly, I don’t mind. I’m just glad I feel well again.


TMI Tuesday: Not so naughty fill-ins

Don’t just fill in the blanks, sex it up! Show us just how sexy, kinky, and dirty your minds can be. I don’t want to skip another TMI week so I’m gonna be a rebel and do this my own way.

1. Right now I’m eating microwaved left over pizza because I have to run out the door and it’s the only thing to eat in the house that doesn’t require major cooking.

2. Tonight I’d like to soak in the tub but it won’t happen for all of the reasons it never does. I have way too much to do and far too little time to do it in. If I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done … just like that soak in the tub – not gonna happen.

3. My Master can do anything to me anytime.

4. The best thing to happen to me in 2014 has been _______ . Seriously? 2014 just began. We’ve not even had two weeks of 2014. Sheesh, let’s see. I had a really good cup of cocoa while snuggled under the covers this weekend. Does that count?

5. That first Q-Tip after a long hot shower is one of the best feelings in the world.

6. Compliments really embarrass me.

Bonus: Post a photo that really turns you on and tell us why it does.
Oh, how I wish I could because, trust me, it’s smokin’-set-your-monitor-ablaze hot … sadly (for you) anonymity prevents me from doing so. Enjoy this instead.


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