I’ve been thinking about the amazing balance of Our last playtime. I don’t know how You managed it. I don’t recall You having done it in quite that way before. I felt that I was a human see-saw. One side pain, the other side pleasure. Flog flog flog until the pain side very nearly hit ground and then pleasure pleasure pleasure until that nearly outbalanced the pain … back and forth and up and down We went.

What’s funny about this is my internal dialogue. I have somehow gotten it into my head that when I figure out what You’re doing, that I can prevent my body from reacting and, in this case, flipping to the other side of the see-saw. You know me so well, and are so damned persistent, that even if I can manage to alter my reaction for a minute or two You consistently find a way to push me out of my head back into solid sensation.

I love that there is nothing I can do to control Our play. Even when I think I have it figured out, You are still the one doing the driving. In hindsight, I am amused that I continue to try, as if it would ever change … as if We would ever want it to.

Today I am grateful for: productivity
Today’s funny moment: That’s no way to create the next generation. Humans coming out of other humans. It’s like some sort of dirty magic show.
Sad moment: Liar liar pants on fire
Protocol: n/a
Water: 4 liters
Corset: 24.5 am, 24 pm
Hood: 1 hour


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