TMI Tuesday: Preferences


1. Which is better to jump in: a leaf pile or a puddle?
Leaves, all day long. They smell good and bring back memories of the care-free days of childhood.

2. Pictionary or Taboo?

3. Potato chips or pretzels?
Ohdeargod. I’ll take a case of potato chips please. Sour cream and onion ruffles, being the favorite – Lays lightly salted being a close second.

4. Gatorade or water?
Gatorade. What ever that original green flavor was back in the day when it was the only flavor they made.

5. Popcorn or Nachos?
Nachos at home, popcorn at the movies.

6. Fruit Loops or Captain Crunch?
I prefer Cap’n Crunch (either the Crunch Berry or Peanut butter variety), but it does horrid awful things to my gums. Seriously, it’s like gnawing on a cheese grater. I always regret having eaten a bowl of this particular brand of deliciousness.

7. Cheerios or Grape Nuts?
Grape Nuts. With milk, warmed in the microwave until soft.

8. Hummer or Range Rover?
Jeez-a-loo but they’re both so freakin’ huge! Ech … ok if I have to pick one I’ll take the range rover … will it come with its own gas card for life?

9. Rain or Snow? Why?
Snow. Because I cannot stand being wet.

10. Wrench or screw driver?  Torqued and turned or screwed and fastened together?
Screw driver. Who doesn’t like a good screw now and then?

Bonus: If you had to eat one condiment as a food, which condiment would you choose? Why?
Mayonnaise because yum.


Wanna play or see who else is? Visit the TMI Tuesday blog.


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