TMI Tuesday: Questions in Consumerism

shut upConsumer purchase behavior is much studied. These questions are about your buying behavior with respect to different products.

1. Name a category for which you are very fussy and only one product will do. Name the product.
I tend to be extremely brand loyal in almost any category. This most applies to hot cocoa as the quality varies widely. This is especially true of packet cocoas made with water. I have found the Land O Lakes variety to be quite tasty and highly dissolvable when made correctly. Their newest caramel flavor rivals Dunkin Donuts. Nuff said.
2. Name a category for which you are fussy about quality and buy top-of-the-line brands.
I tend to be this way about office technology. I’m specifically speaking of ink jet printers. I have two Canon printers. They are both photo quality. One a standard consumer model and one a large format. One is older than 10 years and one older than 7. This is absurd considering most technologies are obsolete in six months time. The older of the two is becoming finicky and the ink difficult to find. I fear I may have to replace her soon. When the time comes, I will not hesitate to replace it with another Canon.
3. Name a category for which you are most interested in price, and will buy whatever brand is cheapest.
Hands down: allergy meds. I look first for the active ingredient, next for price in bulk.
4. Name a category for which you are unable to find a satisfactory product.
Portable brain with total recall and a searchable memory.
5. Name a product that has disappeared from the market for which you have been unable to find a satisfactory substitute.
Chicken Tonight. We used to love the Sweet and Sour sauce. It’s no longer available in the US.
6. Name a product that you buy that your mother or father used to buy.
My mother used to buy instant milk. For the longest time I thought I hated milk. It’s not the milk, it’s the mix. “Magic crystals”, indeed.milk
My Dad used to buy Right Guard deodorant. I still associate the scent with him. rightguard
7. Name a product that you won’t buy because your mother or father used to buy it.
I don’t have anything that applies here.
8. Name a product that is over-rated.
Nutella. I just don’t get it.
9. Name a product that is under-rated.
Entenmann’s Rich Chocolate donuts. Why are these not in every single household?donuts

Bonus: If there was one product that you would re-invent or improve, what is it?
I want a vacuum cleaner with the following features:

  • Light weight. Under 10 pounds would be nice.
  • Steers with little effort
  • Sucks up that little thread on the carpet without going over it 20 or 30 times
  • Has a roller that does not need to be cleaned every freaking time lest it should seize from build up of hair
  • Doesn’t lose suction because it has more than a tablespoon of dust in the bag.
  • Has a retractable hose for doing stairs and furniture
  • Can genuinely go from carpet to hard wood flooring seamlessly and without losing efficacy. (And no, flinging/blowing the dirt from the hardwood to the carpet and/or relocating it to the corners of the room is not the same thing.)
  • All of these features and a price point of between $100-$200

We can put a man on the moon. Can we not design a convenient, well rounded, highly functional vacuum that does not cost as much as the annual economy of a third world country?


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment on the TMI blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses.


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