TMI Tuesday: The rise of the machines

1techMany of us cannot live with out computer technology and being “connected” in some manner. Computers are a huge part of our lives and thus many of us personalize our computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. to show our personalities or to be extensions of our uniqueness. This week’s TMI Tuesday is about the love affair we have with our computer devices or Computer Love.

1. What’s the wallpaper (photo, design, etc) on your phone, laptop or PC? Is it the same or different on these devices?
On my phone it’s a latex clad form. On my PC it’s a shuffle of nature images. On my tablet it’s the default because I’ve not bothered to change it, though I suppose I will at some point.

2. What’s on the desktop of your phone or notebook/tablet (i.e., icons, files, windows etc.)?
The home screen of my phone has the time and weather as well as a notification menu that tells me of incoming information that I’ve missed. It also has icons for my most used functions. My tablet has a bunch of icons, only two or three of which I use with any frequency. My PC has icons and folders aplenty.

3. What type of computer device do you use most often?
I use my smart phone and my PC just about equally. I use my tablet almost exclusively when I’m away from home.

4. How many computer type devices do you own including smartphones?
Uhm … yeah … I’m a bit of a technophile. This would be truly embarrassing to answer, therefore I shall refrain. (In my defense, I will say that the vast majority were gifts.)

5. Do you make sexy videos with your smartphone?
No. Two words: Digital permanence. And, yes, I do understand that making a video and posting it are two different things. I also understand that believing a video will only be seen by its intended audience is foolhardy at best.

6. Do you video-chat naked or have virtual sex using your computer?
No. See number 5.

7. How many naked photos of your whole body or your body parts have you taken with your smartphone camera?
Zero. See number 5.

8. What is the most photographed part of your body?
I had to stop and think about this. I’m going to say my head. It is often photographed on its own and is usually included in full body pics.

Bonus:  Post a photo of the most photographed part of your body.
Uhm … no … see number 5

Bonus, Bonus: Do you use a screensaver? If yes, post a pic of it.
I don’t use one.


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on the TMI Tuesday blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses.


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