TMI Tuesday: Travel


1. My favorite travel companion is my iPod.

2. I pass time on a plane by looking out the window and/or watching the in-flight movie.

3. My favorite part of my travel routine is that first night of sleep at the destination.

4. When you travel with a companion who is the primary planner for the trip itinerary? Who is the primary planner for the days during your trip/holiday?
This is wholly dependent on who my companion is. The majority of the time these days, I do not do the planning. If I’m traveling with family, I do the itinerary. Usually the people with whom we are staying plan the activities.

5. In 2014, how many times did you travel for leisure? For business?
I traveled a whole bunch for pleasure and not at all for business.

6. In 2014, how many times did you travel more than 100 miles from home? How many times did you travel out of your county/state/region but remained in the same country?
Roughly 1/3 of the time it’s more than 100 miles. All of those times I remained in this country.

7. In 2014, How many times did your travels take you out of your country? Where did you go?

8. Do you use a travel agent? Why or why not?
I do not. I don’t yet do anything extensive enough that I cannot handle the arrangements myself.

9. For the holiday season, do you prefer to travel/go away or do you prefer to stay home and have friends/family visit you?
Nearly all of my life I’ve had to travel for significant holidays. Only in the last five years or so have I been able to stay home. I love the luxury of not having to go anywhere, just the family nucleus, with no visitors.

Bonus: Which all-expenses-paid travel destination listed below works best with your interests and why?
a. Walt Disney World
b. Tigh-na-mara Seaside Spa Resort A nature lover’s wonderland–hiking, biking, kayaking, wildlife viewing, beachcombing, and health farm amenities.
c. Macau, China The top gambling destination in the world, experience gambling and casino life excess on an unprecedented level
Do I have to pick one of these? Can’t I have a week at a Sex-positive kink event instead? I guess when confined to the three given I would chose b.


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