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3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. There are no ‘soul mates’. There is, if you are lucky, some person or persons that you will find worthy enough to dedicate your life to. If you are lucky that person or persons will return the efforts with efforts of their own. Everything else is about it effing hard work. To think otherwise will cause you to miss out on that special person who is worth the effort. No, there is no way to tell who that person or persons are. It’s always a guess. That’s why you’re lucky if you find them. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince as they say. There is no other person that will complete you. If you don’t complete yourself you will always be lacking and searching and hoping for something better. That’s no way to have a happy life. When you are complete you will more readily be able to deal with the rigors of finding someone that will be perfect for you… or at least good enough. The goal is not to find someone perfect for you but to make (MAKE) a good life. That means you have to work at it. No other person can relieve you of this duty.

    • There are no ‘soul mates’.

      I freely admit to being on the fence about their existence. I can say that, quite recently, the heavily romanticized thought “We are torn from the same soul.” appeared in my psyche and I’ve not been able to shake it. He is nearly a perfect match. I can imagine being with no other who fits this well.

      Everything else is about it effing hard work.

      The melding of people’s lives does not negate the need for work, it increases it. How can we give anything less but our all when presented with such a gift?

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