Warning: Ice Ahead

I have always maintained that I’m straight. As an arrow. No. Really. Very straight. I have zero bi leanings. During the time of my life when I hung out primarily with the lesbian crowd, one of them presented me with a button that said “Straight but not narrow”, meaning I’m all kinds of straight and I have an open mind regarding the sexual practices of others. This still holds true, by the way.

This morning, while catching up on the blogs I follow, Thumper linked to a Kinsey scale quiz and I thought OK let’s find out where I stand because: Science. When asked “Who do you find attractive?”, one of the responses was “The other sex but I recognize when someone of the same sex is attractive.” and I thought Pfft, that’s a trap. Now I’m going to be somewhere on the bi scale. I checked off that response anyway, because: Truth.

Apparently, noticing pretty women will not have the Straight People Union coming to revoke my card. Neither will close friendships with both genders or hanging out with both genders regularly.



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