TMI Tuesday: Gossip



1. Are you privy to a secret about a famous person? Do you read gossip about famous people in magazines or online ?
I don’t know anyone famous. Truth be told I don’t really care to. Their lives are far too complicated. I will occasionally read celebrity gossip, though not often.

2. Do you know of a co-worker, friend or neighbor who is currently having an affair? Are you having an affair?
As the circles I frequent are all lifestyle related, I know very few personal details about the individuals I associate with. If they are having affairs I know nothing about it, though statistics would suggest at least one of them is.

3. Have you ever had a secret that made you the subject of gossip?
I have many secrets, none of which have made me the subject of gossip. I’m sure there are those who gossip about me because I don’t share much about myself. This leads to speculation … and speculation to gossip.

4. Do you like hearing gossip? What kind interests you most, e.g. sexual behavior, drug use, lying, betrayal, etc?
I dislike gossip. It is rarely true and frequently damaging to the one being spoken about.

5. Do you pass gossip on when you hear it?
Not only do I not pass it on, but when gossip is shared in my presence, I will ask who speaks for the absent. I will ask the gossiper who their source is, if they know this  gossip to be factual, if they have directly asked the individual they are gossiping about whether the information is true, and generally make everyone participating extremely uncomfortable. This tends to have the effect of people not engaging in this behavior around me.

6. Do you consider telling your spouse or partner to be consistent with a promise not to tell? Is he or she trustworthy with secrets.
I tell my partner everything. Those who know me understand He and I are that close and know that there is no confidentiality between He and I. I trust Him with my life, literally. I can certainly trust Him with any information shared with me.

Bonus: What is one private thing that you would like to know about someone?
I want to know of all those I care about, what makes them happy/at peace on a cellular level. The majority of people will speak about what makes them happy in the moment, on the surface. I want more information than that.


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