TMI Tuesday: Randomness


1. Do you believe in ESP (extrasensory perception)? Do you have those abilities?
I believe there are many things that we cannot explain. I believe in inexplicable mental connections. I believe in the persistence of energy. I believe in listening to that little voice which is sometimes not so little. I believe one can die from a broken heart. I believe it is egotistical to think we are the only intelligent life in the universe. I believe it is equally egotistical to eschew questions which challenge the status quo. Remember, it was once accepted that the world was flat.

2. Do you laugh when someone tickles you?
I’m not the ticklish type. When I was a child I did laugh when tickled if the person really knew how to tickle. I recall people making the attempt to tickle and causing pain instead.

3. Do you like teamwork?
I enjoy teamwork when the team works. I abhor teamwork when one or two are doing all the work and the rest are simply getting in the way.

4. What one thing can you do today to feel you have been productive? Will you do it?
Any one of the things on my rather lengthy to-do list. It is highly unlikely this will happen as I’ve not been feeling motivated in quite some time, as evidenced by the length of the list.

5. Finish this phrase: “Hell hath no fury like … ”
… a perpetually sleep deprived Mom who is pestered before breakfast.

Bonus: Pick one – Sex:
1. wild or mild —- wild
2. day or night —- both, any, all
3. top or bottom —- bottom
4. weekly or monthly —- weekly, at minimum
5. noisy or silent —- noisy


Please offer your thoughts

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