TMI Tuesday: Woulda Coulda Shoulda



1. What places have you visited in the last year that you know you will never visit again?
I gave this a great deal of thought. I don’t travel to new places very often, as was the case last year. Though I went to a couple new venues, it is likely that I’ll return to them at some point. All of that to say … I got nothin’.

2. We often hear, “You can do anything you put your mind to.” If you really, actually could, list 5 things you would do.
1. Perform in Swan Lake
2. Perform as Elphaba
3. Spend a year traveling the world with a travel concierge who would make everything effortless
4. Get a brain transplant
5. Have cybernetic knees installed

3. What physical acts would you attempt if you knew you would not fail?
See question two, item one

4. What are you doing this month that you have never done before?
This month? Geez, way to narrow the playing field and make me feel like I never do anything new. Let’s see, I went to a dungeon that I’d never attended. Oh! And I’m reading a text book on world religions … cause I’m well rounded and junk.

5. What is the weirdest or strangest substance you’ve bathed in?
An aura of intimidation. I have had people tell me they’ve seen me at events and wanted to talk to me but were too scared. I simply don’t get it. (Yes, there are those who have tried to explain it on multiple occasions.) I’m a nice person. I’m all kinds of helpful. Though I’m not particularly outgoing, unless you’re a Mega Creepster™, I will, at minimum, make the attempt to help you feel welcome. That being said, if you stand in the corner looking uncomfortable, clutching your red solo cup as if it were the holy grail and peering into it as if it were the portal to a tiny, wet Narnia, I will not approach you and introduce myself. (See the above referenced “not particularly outgoing” comment.)

Bonus: Finish this sentence: Right now I’m wishing I owned a teleporter.


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