TMI Tuesday: Habla what?

2015-08-24_1816401.Do you speak any languages other than English? (English first only because the blog is mostly in English.)
ASL, Spanish, German

2. If you answered yes above, would you describe yourself as fluent? Which was your first language?
I am absolutely not fluent in anything but English. I know more ASL than any other language (aside from English) and it’s still not enough to have a conversation.

3. Did you study a foreign language in school (including college or University)? How much do you remember? Has it been useful to you? Can you speak it, or only read it?
I studied Spanish for two years and German for two years. I remember very little of either. I can read either fairly well because for some reason, though nothing else stuck,  I have the pronunciation rules engraved in my mind.

4. If you were going to learn another language, which one would you want to study?
For practicality: I believe I would get the most use from Spanish. For fun: I’ve always wanted to learn Italian.

5. Do you have relatives who speak a language different from your own?
I have relatives who speak ASL. I don’t know of any others though, coming from a largely military family, I would expect more than a couple of them speak something other than English.

6. Have you been to a country where you don’t know the language? How well did you cope?
I was born, raised, and live in the USA. I’ve never visited another country. That being said, I have days where I feel like no one I converse with is speaking English.


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