TMI Tuesday: All the Sexiness

TMI Tuesday asks: What is sexy?


1. What is your kissing technique?
Technique? Am I really supposed to have a technique? It’s kissing not rocket surgery.

2. When do you feel most sexy?
Yeah, here we go. This s a rarity for me. I can feel attractive. I can feel cute. Sexy? I believe that requires input from an outside source – someone to find me sexy – then, depending on who it is, I will either brush it off as not valid or feel sexy.

3. Which of these most resembles you
a. I exude male sexiness

b. He-man, think sexy lumberjack
c. Call me the Ladies Man
d. Curvy, sexy and all woman
e. Tomboy, kitten with a whip type
f. Girl next-door
g. Sexy nerd
I’m mostly the girl (Mom) next door. I can be the sexy nerd but, again, that’s a rarity.

4. What makes for a sexy meal?
Exceptional table manners, delicious food, intelligent conversation, and a witty, attractive companion.

5. What are some of your seduction techniques?
Again, with the technique. I wouldn’t begin to know how to seduce someone. I don’t even know what that would look like.

6. What’s sexier? Why?
a. beer
b. wine
c. mixed alcoholic beverage
d. iced tea
Since a, b, and d are all pretty yucky, I’ll go with c. Facial expressions born of “Dear god are you trying to poison me with this disgusting concoction” are not sexy.

Bonus: Are you hot as in sexy? How can you share your sexiness with the world?
I am moderately attractive when I work at it. How can sexiness be shared with the world, assuming one possesses sexiness? I would assume just by being. Isn’t that the whole point of sexy? Or am I missing something.


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