TMI Tuesday: Autumn clean-up


1. Look at your computer desktop.
a. How many icons are on your desktop. Approximately 50
b. What 5 icons are you ready to remove immediately because you never use them. Audacity, HP Photosmart, HTC Sync (I don’t even have that phone anymore), Internet Explorer, Adobe Updater
c. Any sexy pic folders or porn clippings folders on that desktop? Nope.

2. Look at your smart phone or tablet.
a. Do you have one home page or does it scroll to several other pages? How many pages? One home page
b. How many barely used widgets/icons/apps are you willing to remove from the home page(s) right now? None. The home page design of my phone is so lean that if I could add a couple I would.
c. What are the names of the apps you are removing? I would remove all sorts of bloat-wear if I could. Sadly Samsung does not allow it.

3. Okay sexy peeps we know you have sexy pics and vids on your computer. Are the items organized?
a. In their own directory with special file folder titles
b. In a special file mixed in with regular documents and such
c. Secure on a separate drive (i.e., flash/thumb drive)
d. I pop in a VHS tape to watch porn
I do not keep pics and vids on my computer. Digital Permanence. It’s a thing. Look it up.

4. If you were to really get organized with your desktop and home screens, which of these methods would you prefer:
Organize by
a. Verb based folders (Look up, Listen, Share, Photograph, Navigate)
b. Color code the icons
c. Alphabetize the icons
d. Frequency of app use
I’m torn between c and d. If I have to pick one, I guess I would go with d.

5. Tell us 5 apps you cannot live without.
Fitbit, Netflix, Ingress, Scout, Play Store

Bonus: How many people have seen your sex tape/video?
I have a sex tape?


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