Who knew?

While looking around in the interwebz for info on the customary amount to tip one’s piercer, I came across a nifty article on piercing etiquette. I should not be surprised that there is such a thing given the popularity of body modification but I was. Most of these things are common sense, assuming of course that the individual was raised with manners and has continued to practice them into adulthood. I did find the amount of text dedicated to abstaining from cell phone use to be rather distressing. Seriously, yikes. That being said, I found it informative and thought I would share.

I found this bit particularly helpful:

Do you realize the piercing area is essentially an operating room (my description)? Therefore you should not just put your germy items from the unclean world on any flat surface. Ask where they should be placed. This makes perfect sense and I would not have thought of it.


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