The Day After

POSSIBLE TMI. You have been warned.

I am slightly over 24 hours post piercing. I do not have constant pain. I do get twinges in my breasts from time to time. They are momentary and minor.

I woke this morning to find my nipples crusted in blood that did not come off during my morning saline soaks as I was told it would. When the soak failed, I figured the worst of it would come off in the shower and, as instructed, I could take a q-tip to the rest. This approach was mostly successful save one extremely stubborn blood clot on the outer edge of my left nipple. I sterilized a pair of tweezers and removed it because it was just gross. I followed this with a sterile saline rinse to all piercings.

I was instructed not to touch any of the jewelry unless I had thoroughly washed my hands and even then only for cleaning purposes. While cleaning my left nipple, I could not get off this stubborn black mark that I had interpreted to be left-over marker which was used to mark the placement.

Given that I’m not supposed to fiddle with the jewelry, and it was becoming progressively more uncomfortable trying to remove the mark, I figured what the hell, I’ll just leave it. It’ll wear off on it’s own. It turns out this was a good decision because it’s not a mark at all. It’s a flipping bruise! What can I say? I’m old and busted and I don’t see all that well anymore.


I realized, when taking this picture, that my nipples have been erect since the piercing. I can’t help but wonder if they will always be that way now. I suppose time will tell. It’s kind of funny considering I’ve always been self conscious about people noticing when they get hard. Oh, I’ll tell you what, though, there is pain when I get cold and my nipples get very hard, the way nipples do when it’s cold. That smarts big time. I’m working on not getting chills for the next couple of weeks because, ouch.

I don’t have any visible bruising from the VCH. (Even if I did there would be no pic forthcoming, ’cause I don’t do that, which is a shame because the jewelry really is darling.)  It doesn’t hurt at all, not even mild discomfort. It is “weeping” clear fluid which is not unexpected. I was told this would be part of the healing process. I was not told it would be annoying. Again, it is a minor thing and it will pass.

Since I got the VCH, I have had this mind over matter issue with urination. I have a complete understanding of the female anatomy. I fully grasp that the wound is above my urethra. I cannot seem to get it through my head that urinating will not hurt, no matter how many times I do it. I still have to concentrate on relaxing and still, I wait for the pain that doesn’t come. This was unforeseen and very odd.

I do not at all regret having them done. I am, thus far, very happy with how things are progressing. I’m particularly pleased with the unexpected lack of pain.


2 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. Congrats! My VCH is good now, but it took a while (a few months) to discover that I need titanium jewelry for that piercing and then it healed very quickly.

    I’ve thought about getting my nipples pierced but not there yet! I hope you continue to heal well.

  2. Giggle, oh how I remember the beginning. Eventually they return to normal. I am in awe of the vch. I have only done my labias, mind you its 3 on each lip. Staggered a bit to not be uncomfortable but enough to look amazing laced up like a corset with pretty ribbon.

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