Piercing considerations

All of the following is based on my experience and my experience only. It should not be construed as medical advice. Consult with your piercer for your personal recommendations.

The following disjointed thoughts have occurred to me in the days since I got pierced and I thought I would share them in case someone decides to take the leap.

  • The day of your piercing, don’t wear your cutest undergarments. This is much like wearing cute underwear to the gynecologist. Who’s going to see it? Aside from the fact that no one but you will see it, there is a very good chance it’s going to get blood on it and be ruined. Wear your laundry day bra and your period panties.
  • Just because you don’t bleed the day of, does not mean you won’t bleed. Roughly 36 hours after my piercings, in the middle of the day, the VCH began to bleed constantly, albeit lightly. This continued for 24 hours. Though bleeding is completely normal, I did not expect it to begin spontaneously, of its own accord. I did nothing, that I know of, to cause it (other than having sharp metal shoved through my bits).
  • Put sterile pads in your bra at night. I assumed if I hadn’t bled during the day that I would not at night. This was so very wrong. This morning was the first time since getting the nips done that I did not have to excavate my nipples from layers of thickly-caked, dried blood. Do NOT use gauze that is loosely woven. You don’t want gauze embedded in the dried blood, and you certainly don’t want your jewelry getting tangled in the weave of the gauze.
  • The sterile saline wound wash that you can buy at your piercing shop for about $20 and CVS for about $10, is insanely expensive when you consider one can lasts for about 24 hours and you will need it twice a day for months. The cost far out weighs its convenience. Go with the make-your-own saline at home method. This was suggested to me by my piercer almost as an after thought. I will still keep a can on hand for the quick rinse after I shower, though I will not be using it for my twice daily soaks.
  • I experienced drop two and a half days post-piercing (yesterday) and I continue to work through it today. Though it makes perfect sense, I was caught completely off guard. It fell on my standard post-play drop day. I should have expected it. I did not. It sucked. This could be highly specific to me because the process had been so long in coming. Personally, the longer I anticipate something, the harder I fall. Still, you may wish to keep it in mind.
  • A metal folding chair is not the place you want to sit with a new VCH. I had been completely fine at home and had no issues with pain. Two hours in a folding chair created multiple moments of Damn, that really hurt. Those moments continue off and on today, I believe, because I irritated it so much last night. I do understand this could be the next phase of healing and that I may be unjustly blaming that fucking chair.
  • Lastly, if you are going for a VCH, remember that while you can have protected sex during the healing process, your clit won’t be getting any action for a couple of months. You might want to give it some extra love before putting holes through the hood.

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