TMI Tuesday: In hiding


1. Tell us something you like but you hide it from your friends because you think they well make fun of you or not understand.
I genuinely enjoy a couple of reality television programs. I don’t talk about them with anyone outside of my household.

2. Tell us something you hide from your family because they would be ashamed of you.
My family would not understand my involvement in BDSM.

3. What do you hide from your kids because they just don’t need to know?
I do not share the intimacies of my life with my child.

4. When was the last time you hid from something or someone?
I hide from people all. the. time. There are only two people on the planet who know me well and only one who truly knows who I am.

5. What things or objects do you hide regularly?
I hide myself. I hide most of what I have been through from most of the people in my life. I hide obsessive thoughts about food. I hide a desire to consume large amounts of alcohol. I hide fear. I hide pain. I hide insecurity. I hide worry. I hide stress. I hide who I am.

Bonus: What did someone hide and you found?
I’m sure this has happened at some point in my life, however I don’t recall what it might have been.


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