Fitness Journal: Day 3

Prompt: Post a picture of one of your rewards (dress, shoes, etc.). Why is this a reward? At what point will you “earn” this reward?

This is a foreign concept to me. I don’t need things or stuff as an incentive for, well, anything really. It is the accomplishment of the task that is its own reward.

The number of my goal weight, showing up on the scale, and staying there. That’s my reward. My body in healthy, kick-ass condition. That’s my reward. Having toned, conditioned muscles that allow me to beat a boy for as long as I want (consensually, of course). That’s my reward.

Shoes? Really?? I have a closet full of them and they’re no good to me if I don’t feel good about my body.


3 thoughts on “Fitness Journal: Day 3

  1. I tend to think of shoes as a reward. I think in terms of “if I lose 15 lbs by Christmas, I’ll treat myself to a pair of shoes” or “when I get that promotion, I’ll celebrate by buying myself some expensive shoes.”. But then again, I have a special relationship with shoes…Shoes always fit-i gain (or lose) weight, I get older (and more wrinkled), I have one of those days when I just hate my body, I feel bloated, whatever happens MY SHOES ALWAYS FIT.

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