Fitness Journal: Day 12


Prompt: Tell us what you ate today. Is this a typical meal plan for you? If not, what do you usually eat?

When I saw that this was today’s question and just groaned. Sure, the one day I deviate my my insanely strict food plan …

Today I had my usual toast for breakfast. I was going to skip lunch because I knew I was catching an early movie tonight and, as everyone knows, it’s not a movie without popcorn.

I ended up not skipping lunch because, a couple of hours after I normally would have eaten, I noticed I was wearing my extra tight hangry pants. I had a late lunch – my usual 3 oz of Turkey and 3 tablespoons of light mayo.

At the movies, I ordered popcorn. I didn’t eat much of it because it was burnt. The theater was freezing cold, as this particular theater usually is. Though I had bundled up, my feet and ankles were icebergs by the time we left.

In an attempt to thaw out, I made cocoa when I got home. It is my plan to skip dinner. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that entirely. I might have something tiny so I’m not too hungry to sleep.

My breakfast and my late lunch were my usual routine. I generally have a high protein dinner of about 400 calories.


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