Fitness Journal: Day 18



Prompt: What do you allow yourself to indulge in? Candy, cake, alcohol, etc.? Why did you choose this as your indulgence?

I allow myself one take-out meal a week, without regard for calories. I chose this because Friday night is Take-out Night in our house. It is a time for conversation, relaxation, and sharing. As crazy as our schedules are, there are weeks when it is the only extended time we spend together. It is far too precious to lose. I didn’t want this to be yet another sacrifice to the weight loss gods.


3 thoughts on “Fitness Journal: Day 18

  1. Not to push sobriety (because it’s not my place to say you have a drinking problem) but the body metabolizes alcohol as sugar. Which means they don’t call it a “beer gut” for nothing. I’ll sit at Christmas dinner and eat everything and have two desserts but then say “Well yeah I’m having two desserts, but you had four glasses of eggnog and a huge piece of cake” to my mother when she raises her eyebrows at me and my second dessert.

    I allow myself a big lunch every Tuesday…I go to a meeting (the kind of meeting that ends in “anonymous”) on Tuesday and go to lunch with friends from the meeting and lunch consists of either a burger or fried calamari or fried chicken or pizza or onion rings (basically things I shouldn’t eat and don’t eat every day) but on Tuesday I allow myself to have a big lunch.

    • I hear you about alcohol. I attribute the majority of this round of weight gain to alcohol. I used it for pain relief during 2015. A lot. Since recently recommitting to my health, I’ve not had a drop, regardless of pain level.

      There have definitely been painful days when leaving the drink in the bottle was exceptionally challenging. For some reason alcohol weight seems more difficult to get rid of than food weight, though that could be a misconception. It also seems to come on much more quickly than with food. Keeping those two things in mind, makes it a little easier to choose pain over the bottle. A little easier.

      • Lol, do you know how many times I’ve heard my sister say “I didn’t have any dessert, I’m being good on my diet…I don’t understand why I’m still gaining” meanwhile she’s going through half a bottle of wine a night. But yes, alcohol weight is harder to lose, for some reason. And easier to pack on.

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