TMI Tuesday: Playing doctor


1. Have you had major surgery? What type?
Yes and it’s too much TMI, even for here.
2. Have you died and been resuscitated?
Nope. Came very close once but no, not full on dead.
3. Do you have surgery scar(s) that embarrass you? Where?
Yes. I find my c-section scar to be very upsetting because it is proof that I failed.
4. Do you have a scar, on your body, of which you are proud?
5. Have you ever played doctor and nurse as foreplay for sex? Which were you–doctor or nurse?
Nope. Never have. I’ve done a bit of medical play but it was not in the roles of doctor/nurse/patient.

Bonus: Do you like bdsm medical play? What about that excites you?
Meh. I used to fantasize about it quite a lot. It was one of those things that the reality just wasn’t as fun as the fantasy.


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One thought on “TMI Tuesday: Playing doctor

  1. it’s interesting that you consider your C-section scar proof that you failed, I don’t think I ever heard anyone say that. I have a relative who spent several thousand dollars in an effort to try and have her C-section scar removed (my cousin was a big baby, twelve pounds at birth, and she couldn’t deliver him naturally) and she wanted the C-section scar removed so she could “wear a bikini again” without shame. Why is everyone in my family insane and selfish, I don’t know.

    I have a scar INSIDE me (in THERE, yes) that pretty much only a gynecologist knows about, it’s a lovely little reminder that my maternal grandfather raped me when I was ten years old, some sort of scar tissue that formed. Over the years I’ve gone back and forth about whether I’m ashamed of that or proud of it or indifferent about it or what the fuck, but it’s there. Even if none of my lovers knew it was there for certain, I know.

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