Fitness Journal: Day 21



This is NOT me but my dungeon wardrobe is very similar.

Prompt: What is your favorite outfit? Why is it your favorite? Post a picture of you in it!

Anything I wear to the dungeon. Basically my fetish-wear. Why? Because everything else in my closet is at least 10 years old and qualifies for the soccer mom club uniform. These days when I get money I can spend on myself, it goes to leather craft or dungeon clothes. I’m not about to pour money into soccer mom when no one cares what she looks like. Soccer mom is invisible. Fetish me is most definitely not.

There will be no pics posted of me because, anonymity and digital permanence.


One thought on “Fitness Journal: Day 21

  1. Fetish you is a badass. I’m more of a Middle than a Mistress, and I don’t have a leather power suit.

    What I do have is clothing in US sizes 14-28, a representation of weight I’ve gained and lost and gained and lost throughout my adult life. I don’t get rid of my fat clothes because if I gain weight again, I need something to wear. I won’t get rid of my less fat clothes because I may lose weight.

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