Fitness Journal: Day 23

Prompt: How does the media influence your drive to lose weight?

I thought long and hard about this answer because my gut reaction didn’t seem possible. After much thought, I’m sticking with it.

I’m sure I am influenced by the media. In the age of perpetual electronic media and the ubiquitous smart phone, it would be impossible not to be. That said, I’m not a reader of fashion magazines. I do not immerse myself in celebrity gossip trends.

As sure as I am that I must be under the influence of media, I am equally as sure that I’m unaware of how it manifests in my life.


3 thoughts on “Fitness Journal: Day 23

  1. The media? Take a look at vogue magazine…those women are svelte beyond belief, their skin airbrushed to perfection, and there’s always an article in Cosmo about “How to lose those ten pounds”, so the (mainstream) media apparently wants women to look like hangers, which is convenient for fashion designers. Karl Lagerfeld can hang his spring collection on Gigi and Kendall and send them down the runway and the clothes look the same on them as they would hanging in your closet.

    • This is exactly my point. I don’t read those magazines. I don’t watch celebrity gossip shows, in fact, I go out of my way to avoid them. Again, I’m sure I’m somehow influenced by the fantasy of normal that is spammed to the world at large. I don’t really see it.

      • I don’t do reality TV. I don’t get the mainstream fashion magazines. I don’t get Karl Lagerfeld (can’t understand anything about him), I really don’t get Anna Wintour.

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