Fitness Journal: Day 25


Prompt:  What is a type of workout that you never expected to enjoy but now love?

I thoroughly enjoy beating people (consensually). I find it extremely amusing when a bottom says to me “Ma’am, are you sweating?” or the ever popular “You’re breathing hard. Are you okay?” I’ve had both of these things said to me by different boys after an hour of non-stop impact play.

You’re damn right I’m sweating. I’m in head-to-toe fetish attire and I’ve been doing aerobics for an hour, in heels! Put all of your clothes back on and come on this side of the paddle. See if you don’t sweat. I dare ya.


4 thoughts on “Fitness Journal: Day 25

  1. Yeah I refuse to top or switch and contrarily to public opinion, it’s not because I hate exercise. My own mother beat me, my two younger sisters, and our father (none of us consented to the beatings) my entire childhood. I use my hands on someone (even when they’ve begged for it), or an object like a paddle and I start to feel like I’m my mother…not a good feeling.

    And yet when a man spanks/paddles/whips/canes my bare ass, I’m not the scared little girl I was when my mother hit me, it’s cathartic, an emotional release I don’t get elsewhere in life.

  2. Yes! It’s quite an exhilarating workout to beat on someone for that long. I’ve never been a fan of conventional exercise, but I’ll never, ever turn down the opportunity to work up a healthy sweat by beating one of my boys for an hour.

    • They say a person burns as many calories having sex as they get from a cheeseburger…but beating someone must burn much more calories…a guy’s gotta love that spirit, Domina Jen!

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