Fitness Journal: Day 26


I acknowledge that Muscle Bound Chick has worked very hard to get that way. If you see this, Muscle Bound Chick, I appreciate your efforts. Please don’t squash me like a bug.


Prompt: What keeps you motivated? Where do you find positive influences?

This was answered here. I am predominantly motivated by the number on the scale.

I have a secondary motivation that comes from the concept of personal wellness. This includes keeping an eye on my muscle tone. I don’t want to be a muscle bound is-that-a-chick-’cause-I-can’t-really-tell-through-all-that-muscle kind of girl but I do want nicely toned arms and shoulders.

I’d also like to tone my tush into something other than the slab ‘o flesh that it has become, given the effects of age and gravity. This has proven challenging because of bad knees that prevent the tushy toning squat.


One thought on “Fitness Journal: Day 26

  1. If I get down to 80-100 lbs (my “correct weight” according to the doctor) I’ll be skin stretched over bones. My maternal grandmother was skin and bones when she was dying of cancer. I don’t equate that with health. I basically want to NOT be the fattest one in the room. I need enough ass that a man can bite my booty. I want to fill out a dress like a woman should, but not show up in a muumuu. The muscle chick and the anorexic aren’t my ideals because they both represent extremes and I seek balance.

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