Fitness Journal: Day 27

Prompt: Are other people in your life trying to get healthy/living healthy? How do you handle being around others who do not ascribe to/support your lifestyle?

I don’t have anyone in my life that is working, on a daily basis, to be healthy and stay fit. I know, first hand, how hard it is to make the choice to get fit and stay that way. I can’t find fault with those who don’t do what I do. I have been them.

The most difficult situation I deal with is living with someone who can not or will not choose to do better. With them, it goes in cycles. Get on the scale, be disgusted with the number, change eating habits, lose weight, go back to old eating habits. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I have learned to be okay with that. Nothing I say or do will change that individual’s behavior. Making that person feel bad about their health will only serve to damage our relationship.

The problem happens when I’m feeling bad and they want to reinforce old patterns of behavior by bringing home foods I no longer eat. I understand the intention is to make me happy. For me, this is the equivalent of handing an addict a buffet of pills. Not helpful. At all.

Ideally, they would offer emotional support or diversionary activities. That doesn’t happen. Instead I have to maintain iron will power at my weakest.


One thought on “Fitness Journal: Day 27

  1. Both my parents have been overweight for as long as I can remember. Every so often, a doctor will tell my father he MUST diet, and he’ll do low-carb until he gets under 300 lbs and then he rediscovers cake and cookies. My mother dieted and exercised for 6 months before my sister’s wedding (8 years ago) but has since gained that weight back and then some. My middle sister (the mother of two toddlers) has always been into working out and keeps her figure (she was a size 00 before she had kids and now she’s a size 6). My youngest sister is taller and curvy, her weight fluctuates some because she has polycystic ovarian syndrome & she sometimes gets lazy about working out.

    The whole bunch of them agree that I need to lose weight, they agree on that whether I weigh 220 lbs or 305 lbs. Some of my childhood memories are of my mother screaming into my face when I was 12, 14 years old that I was too fat. This is part of why I think of myself as too fat no matter what I weigh or how other people tell me I look.

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