TMI Tuesday: Lust, and junk


1. Why do you fall in love?
This is almost a post all by itself. Love is an extremely complex combination of things. Attraction, intelligence, the ability to make me laugh on my worst day, compassion, people skills (because I suck at peopling and I need someone to bridge the gap), knowing when to shut up and listen, conversely, knowing when to push back, asking questions and genuinely wanting to hear the answer, a love of music, creativity, enjoying being in their presence is a necessity

2. What makes you fall in lust?
I don’t know that I do. I can find someone attractive and not want to fuck them. The desire to be intimate comes from all of the stuff in the first question. Far too often a person can be extremely attractive on the outside but horrifically hideous on the inside. Having encountered more than my share of the ugly ones, I tend to be cautious. I need to know who they really are before my juices get flowing. Is it still lust if I also love them?

3. If you are in a monogamous sexual relationship and your significant other has sex outside of your relationship, will you forgive them?
It’s remarkable that, at my age, this has never happened to me … that I’m aware of. Not long ago I would have replied, no absolutely not. Since I’ve become poly, I no longer place the same amount of importance on sex. Sex is an act that can be perpetrated by strangers and, genuinely, can mean nothing more than masturbation. Being in love … that’s a whole other ball game.

4. What do you idolize?
Not a “what” but a “who”. Dita Von Teese. The woman is fabulous and amazing. She oozes class. She is my waist training idol.

5. Where are your erogenous zones?
With the right person, it’s my entire body, including my mind. Except my ears. Stay the fuck away from my ears. I mean it. I will cut you.

Bonus: What is the strangest or most unique thing you’ve tied someone up with or been tied up with? Why were you tied up?
Uhm … yeah … I’m a lifestyler. I cannot begin to recall all of the things with which I have been bound. “Why was I tied up???” Why weren’t you?


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