About this blog and its author

Important: If you find yourself here because you recently read the 50 Shades trilogy and you believe that it is a true representation of the lifestyle, this blog will disappoint (and possibly shock) you. The individuals discussed in this blog are real flesh and blood people. Nothing contained herein has been fictionalized. Names/places/geographical locations have been changed and/or omitted. No one involved in this life-story is damaged. We are not involved in BDSM because we were raised by crack whores or any of the other nonsense perpetuated by the stereotypes portrayed in the series. We are normal everyday people who happen to enjoy non-traditional ways of living our lives. We cannot be “cured”  if we are “loved enough” because we are not sick. If you wish to join this lifestyle, you will, if you are not an asshat, likely be welcomed with open arms but do not judge us using 50 Shades as your criteria. Nothing will see you shunned by the community more quickly. ‘Nuff said.

The beginning of this blog primarily contains journal entries to my One. There are also ramblings, rants, lyrics and/or ideas not yet conceived that I need an anonymous outlet to purge myself of. Later entries will be self reflective and perhaps editorial. I expect there will be times when entries will not make sense because you, Dear Reader, were not present during whatever event is being discussed. I will make no effort to fill in the blanks. I leave it to you and your undoubtedly vivid imagination to figure these things out. There are some things even those of us with exhibitionist tendencies do not spell out for the entertainment of others.

Because this blog is about my life, it is not all BDSM all the time. I discuss normal everyday events. I discuss my son. I bitch and moan. I celebrate. It is not always  entertaining. I will not apologize for vanilla posts or those that are less than scintillating. Life is like that sometimes and so it is here.

If an entry moves you I do hope you’ll stay long enough to comment. We blogger-types so often feel that we are talking to a mindless void. It would be nice to know there are living breathing humans reading and appreciating what’s here.

Link backs and re-blogs are encouraged. You have my permission provided I am credited properly.

Glossary of abbreviations:
DH: Darling Hubby
DS: Dear Sister
LDR: Long Distance Relationship
LM: Little Man (my son)

17 thoughts on “About this blog and its author

  1. K,
    she is leorah, slave to her loving Master… Master Fenrir…. she has never read 50 Shades and has no desire… she has lived as a slave for 9 years and loves being a slave. she invites you to read her blog as well.

    Thank you for exposing your relationship.


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  3. I can definitely relate to a lot of this. I’ve never read 50 Shades of Grey (and don’t intend to) but I’ve heard things about it that immediately turned me off to the idea of reading them. And I also have a kid, and becoming a mother can certainly throw a wrench into our kink lifestyles!

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  5. Can you explain to me what the whole water, corset and hood references are to; I have seen them at the end of some of your posts and was unable to find the one that explains this. I am curious.

    Please and thank you.

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