Piercings: 3 weeks later

It’s now a touch over three weeks since I had my piercings. I continue to heal as expected.

By the time a few days had passed, the sides of both of my nipples were black with bruising. The bruising took a couple of weeks to clear up. This was surprising to me, as any marks I have from play are typically gone in just a few days. The color was truly disturbing and fell outside the realm of normal, for me. Then again, I’d never done anything like this before so, I suppose it stands to reason.

The nips do still feel achy at points during the day, especially when taking off or putting on a bra. They can be downright painful when I’m doing something stupid like carrying heavy things whilst leaning them against my chest. Also not fun, the very tight hug. It smooshes them in ways they should not be smooshed at the moment.

The past week(ish) my left nipple has been giving me grief. It feels very much like I have a horrible bruise on the southern half. I attribute this to somehow catching it on something while I was sleeping. I don’t know how this happened. I’ve been wearing a bra to bed just like I’m supposed to. I don’t keep tools, dildos, or implements of pain in my bed while I’m sleeping. In spite of that, it undeniably got caught on some thing some how. A wrinkle in the sheet perhaps? Maybe I dragged the fitbit on my wrist across my breast as I moved. Again, I can’t say. I can say that I woke up from a dead slumber with pain nearly as bad is when it was being pierced, which did not fade for several hours. That side has been temperamental ever since. There’s nothing to see. (Believe me, I know because I keep looking thinking there has to be something there.) It just hurts every so often.

The VCH is progressing nicely. Nicely enough that I couldn’t resist trying a little self love. Readers, let me tell you, if you go out and get a VCH (and you totally should because, adorable) you’re going to have to start from square one when it comes to clitoral masturbation. There is now this piece of metal in the way of what you were (probably) doing before. What you did before is not going to work and, depending on your methods, might hurt like nothing I can begin to describe.

I can tell you for certain what you won’t be doing anymore. You will absolutely not, for any reason, be placing your Hitachi directly on your clit. Go ahead. Try it. I dare you. You will swear all the minions of Satan are attempting to rip your nerves out through your skin with fiery pliers from hell. Seriously though, don’t do it.

Having said that, there is hope. With enough motivation, persistence and practice. you will be able to learn some new moves that will get you there, if ya know what I mean. (Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink. Say no more.)

Word to the wise: When your piercer suggests that you might want to avoid skinny jeans and other tight fitting pants for a while? Listen to that person. They know what they are talking about. I can personally testify that if jeans are a bad idea, leather pants are doubly so. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Piercing considerations

All of the following is based on my experience and my experience only. It should not be construed as medical advice. Consult with your piercer for your personal recommendations.

The following disjointed thoughts have occurred to me in the days since I got pierced and I thought I would share them in case someone decides to take the leap.

  • The day of your piercing, don’t wear your cutest undergarments. This is much like wearing cute underwear to the gynecologist. Who’s going to see it? Aside from the fact that no one but you will see it, there is a very good chance it’s going to get blood on it and be ruined. Wear your laundry day bra and your period panties.
  • Just because you don’t bleed the day of, does not mean you won’t bleed. Roughly 36 hours after my piercings, in the middle of the day, the VCH began to bleed constantly, albeit lightly. This continued for 24 hours. Though bleeding is completely normal, I did not expect it to begin spontaneously, of its own accord. I did nothing, that I know of, to cause it (other than having sharp metal shoved through my bits).
  • Put sterile pads in your bra at night. I assumed if I hadn’t bled during the day that I would not at night. This was so very wrong. This morning was the first time since getting the nips done that I did not have to excavate my nipples from layers of thickly-caked, dried blood. Do NOT use gauze that is loosely woven. You don’t want gauze embedded in the dried blood, and you certainly don’t want your jewelry getting tangled in the weave of the gauze.
  • The sterile saline wound wash that you can buy at your piercing shop for about $20 and CVS for about $10, is insanely expensive when you consider one can lasts for about 24 hours and you will need it twice a day for months. The cost far out weighs its convenience. Go with the make-your-own saline at home method. This was suggested to me by my piercer almost as an after thought. I will still keep a can on hand for the quick rinse after I shower, though I will not be using it for my twice daily soaks.
  • I experienced drop two and a half days post-piercing (yesterday) and I continue to work through it today. Though it makes perfect sense, I was caught completely off guard. It fell on my standard post-play drop day. I should have expected it. I did not. It sucked. This could be highly specific to me because the process had been so long in coming. Personally, the longer I anticipate something, the harder I fall. Still, you may wish to keep it in mind.
  • A metal folding chair is not the place you want to sit with a new VCH. I had been completely fine at home and had no issues with pain. Two hours in a folding chair created multiple moments of Damn, that really hurt. Those moments continue off and on today, I believe, because I irritated it so much last night. I do understand this could be the next phase of healing and that I may be unjustly blaming that fucking chair.
  • Lastly, if you are going for a VCH, remember that while you can have protected sex during the healing process, your clit won’t be getting any action for a couple of months. You might want to give it some extra love before putting holes through the hood.

The Day After

POSSIBLE TMI. You have been warned.

I am slightly over 24 hours post piercing. I do not have constant pain. I do get twinges in my breasts from time to time. They are momentary and minor.

I woke this morning to find my nipples crusted in blood that did not come off during my morning saline soaks as I was told it would. When the soak failed, I figured the worst of it would come off in the shower and, as instructed, I could take a q-tip to the rest. This approach was mostly successful save one extremely stubborn blood clot on the outer edge of my left nipple. I sterilized a pair of tweezers and removed it because it was just gross. I followed this with a sterile saline rinse to all piercings.

I was instructed not to touch any of the jewelry unless I had thoroughly washed my hands and even then only for cleaning purposes. While cleaning my left nipple, I could not get off this stubborn black mark that I had interpreted to be left-over marker which was used to mark the placement.

Given that I’m not supposed to fiddle with the jewelry, and it was becoming progressively more uncomfortable trying to remove the mark, I figured what the hell, I’ll just leave it. It’ll wear off on it’s own. It turns out this was a good decision because it’s not a mark at all. It’s a flipping bruise! What can I say? I’m old and busted and I don’t see all that well anymore.


I realized, when taking this picture, that my nipples have been erect since the piercing. I can’t help but wonder if they will always be that way now. I suppose time will tell. It’s kind of funny considering I’ve always been self conscious about people noticing when they get hard. Oh, I’ll tell you what, though, there is pain when I get cold and my nipples get very hard, the way nipples do when it’s cold. That smarts big time. I’m working on not getting chills for the next couple of weeks because, ouch.

I don’t have any visible bruising from the VCH. (Even if I did there would be no pic forthcoming, ’cause I don’t do that, which is a shame because the jewelry really is darling.)  It doesn’t hurt at all, not even mild discomfort. It is “weeping” clear fluid which is not unexpected. I was told this would be part of the healing process. I was not told it would be annoying. Again, it is a minor thing and it will pass.

Since I got the VCH, I have had this mind over matter issue with urination. I have a complete understanding of the female anatomy. I fully grasp that the wound is above my urethra. I cannot seem to get it through my head that urinating will not hurt, no matter how many times I do it. I still have to concentrate on relaxing and still, I wait for the pain that doesn’t come. This was unforeseen and very odd.

I do not at all regret having them done. I am, thus far, very happy with how things are progressing. I’m particularly pleased with the unexpected lack of pain.

God bless endorphins!


Today was the day, years in the planning, waiting, agonizing over. Here I sit with three holes in my body that nature never intended, though I’m sure she would have if she could see just how cute this jewelry is.

I arrived at the piercing shop early, as I had intended. I wanted to be a few minutes early because I didn’t want to feel rushed when selecting the jewelry and I didn’t want to keep my piercer, who we’ll call Jen, waiting while I hemmed and hawed about these items that are essentially permanent, at least until I’m fully healed. After figuring out where it was legal to park (curb side parking sucks, yo), I sat in my car fiddling with my phone for absolutely no reason. There were no texts, no incoming calls. Only one other person on the planet knew I was there. I didn’t want to go in more than 15 minutes early, so I waited.

When it was time, I went in and was greeted with a “how can we help you?”. I told the girl, who was young enough to be my heavily body-modified and inked daughter, who I was and who my appointment was with. She took my ID and went off to gather some paperwork.

While I waited two 20-somethings came in for “walk-in nose piercings”. Walk in. As in, “Hey, there’s nothing on TV. Why don’t we pop over to the shop and get some holes put in our noses.” Yikes. I felt old. Old and busted. I wondered what the hell I was doing there at my age.

The receptionist came back and gave me a release to sign that said I understood they were going to put pointy things through my bits and, yes, I’m aware I might get an infection and, no, they aren’t responsible for any horrible after effects.

After exposing my breasts to Jen so she could measure my nips to determine which size bar I would need, I went back out to the shop to do the aforementioned hemming and hawing. This took significantly less time than I expected. I wasn’t able to get my first choice for my nips because I’m tiny and they don’t carry those in my size. I ended up, and I’m quite pleased with, bezel-set pink opal bars. They’re damn cute even if they don’t match my VCH jewelry as I had wanted. For my VCH I chose a traditional opal, again bezel set, because, as the salesperson said, you don’t want pointy things down there, in a curved barbell.

While I was shopping, Jen poked her head out from the piercing room and asked what I wanted her to set up for first. I had given this a great deal of thought on the overnight, because that’s what I do when I’m supposed to be sleeping. Did I want the mega scary nipples first or did I want the this-is-no-big-deal VCH first? As my ruminations hadn’t yielded any concrete decision, I told her to go ahead and set up whatever was easier for her.

I paid for my items and Jen escorted me to the piercing room, that for all the world, looked like an ob/gyn exam room which had been decorated by a goth chick. Jen said she had set up for the VCH first and invited me to strip from the waist down. Jen did not leave the room, as any female who has spent a number of visits at the gyno, would come expect. I stripped as instructed, while Jen busied herself with I-know-not-what because I was embarrassed and was doing my best to keep my back to her. A bit absurd when you consider that in a few short moments we would be eye-to-vagina.

Jen had me lay on the table and I internally stressed about whether or not I would be allowed to put my pants back on before I had to strip for the nipples. While she sanitized my bits, I also spent time wondering why in gods name I had elected to do all of this at one time. I posed this question to Jen and she posited that I must have been feeling brave. MmHmm, perhaps during the 60 seconds it took to make the appointment. Now? Not so much.

Jen, it should be noted, had zero bedside manner. She was extremely efficient and professional. She talked to me about everything. What to expect during the piercing, how to handle aftercare, what to do, what not to do, etc.  I really wanted someone nice to pat my hand and say “Honey, everything will be fine. This will be over in a few seconds.” BUT given the choice between slow and sweet or efficient and experienced, I’ll take efficient any day. I had done a whole lot of research before I selected this shop and some more before choosing Jen specifically. I did not pick her for her personality. I picked her because she was über experienced with genital piercings.

Jen explained that she would tell me to take a huge breath right before she shoved a pointy metal skewer (my words) through my clitoral hood and then stated she would ask me to blow it out when doing the shoving. She did and I did. The pain was extremely sharp and relatively brief. After about 45 seconds, during which Jen was inserting the jewelry, the pain went from sharp to very similar to menstrual cramps, which I found odd, though not illogical.

Jen said I could get up and swap my top clothes for my bottom clothes when I was ready. While I was changing, with Jen in the room, though this fact no longer bothered me, I joked with Jen about lidocaine for the nipples and learned something very interesting. I was told that lidocaine changes the shape of the tissues and would therefor obscure proper placement. Jen went on to say that some topical anesthetics can cause blood poisoning if introduced to the system through the piercing process.

By the time I was finished changing, I had zero pain in my genital region. I could not tell that I had anything done. (Yeay, endorphins!) I told Jen and she stated emphatically, that I would feel great in a couple of days and that I should not think I had miraculously healed in that time. She assured me, again emphatically, that the VCH would take the nine weeks estimated to fully heal and that, no matter how it felt, I should assume it was not healed. “Mark your calendar.” she said to me “and do not become lax with daily cleaning simply because it feels better.” Whoa. Apparently, piercing aftercare is not a laughing matter.

Now naked from the waist up, after disinfecting, Jen marked the piercing placement while I sat upright on the gyno table. I laid down and wished for another piercer to come in and do the other nipple simultaneously. I had this fear that the pain was going to be so bad during the first, that I would chicken out and not get the second. Jen clamped my nipple and we did the whole breathe / blow routine again. Yowza is all I have to say. The nipple hurt quite a lot more than the VCH. Not fun. To my credit, I did not scream, I did not make any noise at all. I breathed. I breathed like a champ. Slow, deep, and even, just like she told me. After about 10 seconds I became lightheaded. I was not alarmed. I often become lightheaded during play and this felt exactly the same, so much so that I had to stop myself from saying “Yellow: Lightheaded”.

I told Jen what I was experiencing. She called for water and a lollipop and told me we would take a minute. I felt ridiculous sitting on the table, bare-breasted sucking on a lollipop, one breast newly adorned, one still in the “before” state. In about 90 seconds I felt completely fine and said as much to Jen. She said we would give it another minute, with an attitude that suggested she had heard that one before. She said that we could always do the other one “another time”. I disagreed, perhaps more strenuously than I realized, because she made a joke about how I had no intention of leaving without completing what I had come to do. I silently thought, You’re damn right! I do not quit!

In fairly short order, the second nipple was done and I was getting dressed. I chatted with Jen while I did so, about my expectations of pain vs what actually occurred. Jen shared with me that it is about the speed of the piercing. The faster the shove (my word) the more brief the pain. Jen informed me that there had been “some bleeding” (Well, yeah, you just skewered my tender pink nipple with a cold steel rod! Of course there’s bleeding!) so we would have to tuck some gauze into my bra for the ride home. We did so. I tipped her, thanked her for her time, bid her good day, and left.

On the ride home, the Motrin that I had taken prophylacticly before leaving the house earlier, began to wear off, as did my endorphin rush. I felt pain migrating around my breast tissue in the form of a mild ache, not unlike tenderness from having them grabbed roughly. I went over a bump and the VCH chimed in, feeling very much like the day after someone was over zealous with the hitachi. Not at all the serious pain I expected. Mostly, I just feel, now roughly three hours post skewering, that I’ve had a weekend of extremely rough play.

It looks like I won’t be needing that grain alcohol after all, and that’s just fine by me.