Ten day challenge #10

Ten things you’d want to change if you could.

1. Geography
2. his disinterest / denial
3. Brain damage
4. Baggage
5. Fear
6. Budget concerns
7. Nausea
8. Pain
9. Physical limitations
10. Self image

Ten day challenge #9

Two images that describe your life right now and why.


This girl is joyful. She is surrendering to what lay ahead of her. She is throwing her hands up, ready to embrace whatever may be. She is the embodiment of how I feel. Most importantly, she is on tip-toe. For some reason, I find myself on my toes whenever I kiss Him.

sleep1This was not my first choice. My first instinct was to find a pic of a submissive kneeling at her master’s feet. That is where I feel most myself; kneeling at His feet. Chatting, laughing, submitting – as long as I’m kneeling before Him it doesn’t matter what we’re doing.

When I could not find a decent image portraying that concept, I went with the next best thing: sleep sacks, sensory deprivation, and bondage. Those are my favorite things to do (and they are harder to come by than kneeling). Yum – mee.